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 Interacting positive with people requires understanding and accepting cultural difference--you never know when you will shake the hand of a friend.

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Rough Road Home--a story of determination, love and triumph of tragedy and mental suffering.



They Broke The Fence Down--is a story of courage and determination by two brave young people in a small Georgia Town.




Young people, what is your level of wisdom and knowledge at this moment? And be honest with yourself. I'm not talking about what you believe, or accept as facts. I'm talking about what can be proven by your understand, and practices in the world around you. I think I would be hard pressed to find a twelve or thirteen year old, that didn't think they knows what is best for their life. I hasten to add, this is not reality. I was a teen once, I've reared teenage girls and boys, I worked with teenage girls and boys in community programs. And the only thing changed in teenage thinking and practices from then to now are methods of accomplishing the same thinking with different tools. Young people, you are "fad followers." You are feeling your way in every path you take; and as such the things you chose to do seems exciting, adventurous and popular. Your friends pat you on the back, call you cool (in my day it was called being hep, or in the know). Different words but evoking the same feelings. In my day, old people wasn't hep, or in the know. In your day old people are not cool, or are not with it. If you check closely you will find that time and technology brought changes in techniques, tools and speed for accomplishing goals. but the goals have remained the same. Teens wants to be popular, ignore authority, act spontaneous and be different from what they perceive as old fashioned. Lets, for a moment look at reality. Your cars are faster than mine was. Your television screens are larger and clearer than mine was. You don't have to leave the sofa to change your tv channels. Your radio has less static than mine did and your fast food places are more plentiful. But, your thinking parallel my teenage thinking. I was a fad follower; I knew everything about everything, and certainly what was best for my life--teenage thinking. So, where are we at this point. I am that adult that hacked his way through the teen years and experienced the result of teenage mistakes. I not only walked the paths of my teen years using the tools of the times, I have and still am looking down the path of your teen years with one big difference; I know from experience where your path is leading. Just as my parents knew where my path was leading and tried to show me where it would end. They told me because they loved me and wanted the very best for me.

Young people your parents have your best interest at heart--listen to their advice, obey and respect their teaching. They are a lot taller in wisdom and knowledge than you are and can see a lot farther down the road than you can.

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