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Rough Road Home--a story of determination, love and triumph of tragedy and mental suffering.



They Broke The Fence Down--is a story of courage and determination by two brave young people in a small Georgia Town.


Hatred in a destructive plague injected into the minds of youth ___________________________________________________________________________________________     

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 By learning from the past we improve the present and strengthen the future

 What Are We Planting For Our Children To Harvest?

Whether these are farm workers or the owner's of the farm, they are putting in plants that will someday produce fruits that will be harvested for the betterment of the farm, its workers, and the owner or owners. The plants are healthy and green ready to take on the nutrients of the soil, and other things used by the farmer to ward of things that will attack it as it grows to maturity. The final fruits will be a makeup of the things that brought it to maturity--the fertilizers, sprays, water, and care of the fields in which it grew. If, somewhere along the growing path, poisons or some other unhealthy chemical is given in the feeding process the fruits will contain at least some of that poison. The harvester of the fruits will provide to the consuming public the fruits that was harvested.

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The beliefs, thinking, practices--hopes and dreams are developed and passed on from one generation to the next. Unless the poisons and unhealthy chemicals that will surely be added unless kept out of the feeding/developmental process, the youth of this generation will think, practice and teach the process that developed them. The youth will harvest and pass on to the next generation what adults feed to them. Is that what this generation want to pass on to the next? The answer is in you.

Just remember, "If the process remains the same, so will the product it produces."

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