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Rough Road Home--a story of determination, love and triumph of tragedy and mental suffering.



They Broke The Fence Down--is a story of courage and determination by two brave young people in a small Georgia Town.




Child rearing is a tough job by any standard. And it is getting even more difficult with the government meddling in family affairs--controlling what and what you can't do in rearing your child.

Not long ago, I was in a grocery store and seen a child, no more than five years old, kicking and hitting his mother and scream no, at the mother each time she told him not to knock goods of the shelves. The mother kept pleading with him not to do it and each time he would scream and reach for an item. And, to my amazement several sets of eyes were on the mother, no doubt to report to the authorities, any action they thought severe by the mother.

Here's the dilemma; you bring a child into this world, because you want children and want to rear them in a manner that they will respect themselves and others. They will be a plus to the family, community and nation. In other words you love the child and loving it means you want the very best for it and will put forth the efforts to make it happen. However, elected officials, and the bureaucracy they establish to control family life, says you must provide for the child but you cannot rear it. Deciding what to do, when to do it and how to do it is left to the child--and they enforce it to the detriment of the child.

Here's the solution; Whether you believe it or not, God didn't give you the ability to conceive and bear a child and not give you the ability to rear that child in a manner that will bring respect to the child, his parents and elder in general. Parents have the knowledge to rear their child in the right way. Children should not be allowed to kick and yell at their parents while doing the wrong thing. Parents shouldn't be locked up for doing the same thing the system does to children once in their hands--making them obey rules.

Parents should, as one voice, tell elected officials; "hands off, I'm raising my child, like it or not."   

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