Working to build understanding among people through cultural understanding

 Interacting positive with people requires understanding and accepting cultural difference--you never know when you will shake the hand of a friend.

We update weekly. Visit often, tell a friend! Learn, understand, and accept people of different cultures.


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Rough Road Home--a story of determination, love and triumph of tragedy and mental suffering.



They Broke The Fence Down--is a story of courage and determination by two brave young people in a small Georgia Town.





Rough Road Home and They Broke The Fence Down two books the whole family will enjoy.

Rough Road Home is a novel of triumph over mental suffering and failed love in which a young woman's longing make her the slave of fantasies and fate. This novel flows smoothly through Alice's young life, the years of turmoil including childhood cataclysms that will later mold, dominate and haunt, in dreams and flashbacks, her adult existence; her sporadic happiness, and the final years of peace and stability. This entertaining novel can be purchased at all online book sellers (, barnes and Noble and others) and from this website. Click here to order.


They Broke The Fence Down is a novel of trials and triumph over financial and cultural barriers during times of turmoil in Morgantown, Georgia. This  entertaining novel courses through events in Jobi and Mary's lives as they overcame challenges and frustrations to build a successful business in Morgantown and change deep rooted thinking and attitudes that were practiced with the same fervor as religion in Sunday morning services. Their rigid determination to hold fast to their principles led to new attitudes and thinking that built a progressive metropolis. This entertaining novel can be purchased at all online book sellers (, Barnes and Noble, and others) and at this website.

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