There is no room for hate in a heart of love 

Interacting positive with people requires understanding and accepting cultural difference--you never know when you will shake the hand of a friend.

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Rough Road Home--a story of determination, love and triumph of tragedy and mental suffering.



They Broke The Fence Down--is a story of courage and determination by two brave young people in a small Georgia Town.




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Our Goal Is Uniting People for The Betterment of All

Unity can only be achieved by eliminating the divisional factors, (cultural differences) being taught, believed and practiced by individuals and groups.

Since divisional factors--superiority, inferiority, hatred, inflated false ego, prejudice and the like are mere imaginary lines created in the mind and since such figments can never become reality, Family Unity Worldwide works to create a better understanding of divisional factors and the reality of believing and practicing them.

The rules of life are very strict, direct and must be followed religiously if people are to live together in peace and prosperity. Each rule bent, or not adhered to, brings adverse effects on the violator as well as those touched by the violation.

Information disseminated by Family Unity Worldwide--provides a better understanding of customs and beliefs and methods for incorporating that understanding in daily interaction with people.

Provides the importance of truth and reality in thinking and practices and why it is necessary to foster a positive relationship with people.

Family Unity Worldwide will remain focused on: Family unity, teen problems, child rearing, understanding and accepting cultural differences and other subjects covering worldwide unity.

Showing the cause and effects of thinking and practices are encouraged by each member.

Family Unity Worldwide are working to establish a Family Unity Center as a beacon of the positive side of families, past, present and future.


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